L’Associazione dei Medici di Atene (ISA) ha espresso preoccupazione per il recente pestaggio di un dottore di turno all’ospedale Attiko, denunciando che i medici sono diventati i sacchi da box degli ospedali pubblici, dove l’indignazione dei pazienti avanza.
«Con grande indignazione abbiamo saputo di un nuovo attacco ingiustificato avvenuto nell’ospedale Universitario Generale di Atene “Attikon” contro un nostro collega, che è stato aggredito senza nessun motivo da un paziente dell’ospedale. Questo episodio si aggiunge alla serie di attacchi che hanno luogo contro i medici ospedalieri e in specializzazione. Quotidianamente, riceviamo denunce di medici vittime di attacchi verbali o fisici» riporta in un suo annuncio l’ISA, sottolineando che il fenomeno tende ad assumere ormai dimensioni epidemiche «visto che tutti i giorni i medici, che salvano vite umane, sono costretti a lavorare in un regime di terrorismo, pagando in prima persona la carenza di personale».
«Denunciamo questi incidenti tristi che sono dovuti alla mancanza di sicurezza negli ospedali, per cui i medici sono alla deriva dell’umore dei pazienti e dei visitatori» si sottolinea nell’annuncio.
L’ISA chiama le amministrazioni degli ospedali che non hanno ancora provveduto a garantire le condizioni minime di sicurezza, proteggendo i medici con gli uomini della vigilanza degli enti ospedalieri.
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Attacks against doctors condemning the ISA

Attacks against doctors who exercised their office completely defenseless, condemns the Medical Association of Athens, asking in a letter to Health Minister, Alexander Lykourentzos the state to arrange for adequate safekeeping of public hospitals.
ISA’s letter states:
Dear Sir ,
With great indignation we had no knowledge of the unprovoked attack occurred at General Hospital “Hope” against our fellow member, Mr. George Vlassis. The doctor as the intern’s clinical pathological GNA ‘Elpis’ which DUTY last Sunday and on 17/2/2013 at 23.00 pm, was gratuitous and unprovoked attack with punches and profanity from patient entering the emergency as also by his relatives, who left undisturbed by the Hospital. Following his punches were momentous trauma physician.
All aforesaid, caused by the lack of any kind of storage facilities of the Hospital, which since last summer had made other people’s doctors prey underworld.
Dear Sir,
Everyday we receive complaints from doctors, who were victims of verbal or physical attacks! Everyday health workers who save lives, working within a system of terror. Unable to leave the hospital unattended for many months and keep it in the end, after such a shameful incident which is not isolated, but part of a continuous situation.
we denounce the criminal attack against our excellent fellow, but all our colleagues who daily tries to offer its services through an extremely difficult and challenging circumstances. It should perhaps again be noted that that these doctors work with starvation wages and without being paid for accrued earnings call already made: should at least work in a safe environment.
Denounce the lack of storage at all public hospitals, this inaction is criminal and we urge you to ensure the preservation of physical integrity of doctors and nurses.
No more excuses, no room for complacency the mere fact that the very next day was to be stored in a private company, proved that it was possible to protect doctors and other staff.
It should be noted that it is unheard of and unacceptable not work CT scan of the General Hospital “Elpis”, which was a general call. This forced the injured physician (as possibly and therefore the doctor was forced to make another hospital to undergo a CT scan of the brain.
In no event will allow victims to mourn and specifically to lose great people, scientists and colleagues who daily exercise their profession with dedication, we consider it our duty to disclose this to the Prosecutor of Athens for knowledge and for any legal action on behalf of and necessary investigation for any criminal offenses under its competence.
We urge you to ensure the safety of our members, because they carry serious responsibilities.
emphasize that the ISA will stand forever helper colleagues and help anytime directly catalyze solving the problems that plague the world health.
the Athens Medical Association
1. Attorney Athens
2. Administration General Hospital ‘Hope »
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