A collection of films and videos on the situation of refugees and migrants in Greece, published around the web. These are not Into the Fire films, unless explicitly marked as such. Click through to the original for attribution and contact to the filmmakers.
On 2nd February 2013 Cheick Ndiaye’s body was found on the rail tracks of Thissio metro station in central Athens. A friend, who was a witness states he saw Cheick being pushed to his death by two municipality police officers who were chasing him. Cheick was a migrant from Senegal. 

This film is part of an ongoing research project in Athens. 

We need help from other european countries – Into the fire outtake 

Outtake from the upcoming documentary Into the Fire – Refugees and Migrants in Greece: intothefire.org 

Up to 95% of refugees entering the European Union via Greece. For them, Greece is a transit country, not their destination. European legislation forces them to remain in Greece – vulnerable to racist attacks by Golden Dawn, unable to get their asylum application processed and without access to housing, food and other necessities. 

Music by Max Brumberg: obertonfloete.de 

Any other country – Into the fire outtake 

Outtake from the upcoming documentary Into the Fire – Refugees and Migrants in Greece: intothefire.org 

Refugees come to Europe looking for protection from persecution in their home countries. One of the main routes into Europe is crossing the Greek – Turkish border. Greece, for most refugees, is not the destination, but a transit country. European legislation means they get trapped in Greece – at a time of crisis, unemployment, homelessness and social unrest. While refugees are not being sent back to Greece, Greece is still obligated to stop them crossing the border into other European countries. 

The UNHCR called the asylum situation in Greece a humanitarian crisis in 2010. Since then, drastic austerity measures have been enacted by Greece and refugees are attacked almost daily by the far right Golden Dawn and its sympathisers. 

Article 3 – Into the fire outtake 

Outtake from the upcoming documentary Into the Fire – Refugees and Migrants in Greece: intothefire.org 

It is the Dublin II regulation which stops refugees from moving between EU countries and forces them to stay in their first entry country. 

Interview with Ketty Kehayioylou, UNHCR Greece 

Shot on 15/11/12 in Athens, Greece. 

Since the dramatic increase in fascist pogroms in Greece, often with the support of the police – anti fascist motorbike patrols have been formed. The patrols go into neighbourhoods where Golden Dawn (neo nazi party) have a presence and show their support to migrants and sympathetic residents. Earlier this year, the patrol clashed with police, and 15 of the anti fascist demonstrators were arrested and some of them even tortured in police custody. The police officers who committed acts of torture, took photos of the detained demonstrators and claimed they would send the pictures to Golden Dawn. 

This short documentary looks at the current social crisis in Greece, the growth of alternative economies, general strikes, and the rise of the anti-fascist movement in response to violent attacks by the far-right. After six years of recession, the situation in Greece is growing increasingly dark. As the unemployment rate continues to rise and salaries continue to drop, the country has descended into an increasingly unpredictable situation. 

Through the story of an Afghan asylum seeker who won a historic victory at the European Court of Human Rights, this film shines a new light on the consequences of migration policies in the crisis-affected country of Greece. 

“Dublin’s Trap” gives an equal voice to politicians, intellectuals, activists, immigrants, and extremists. This approach highlights how austerity measures, combined with an unprecedented influx of immigrants, foster racial tensions, increased nationalism, and a humanitarian crisis at Europe’s external borders. 

Further aggravating the situation is an uneven EU repatriation mechanism known as Dublin II.