We could start complaining about legality, showing how “unconstitutional” is the behavior of the Three Powers of this dreary country called Greece: based on the Article 14 of the Greek Constitution (concerning the freedom of press) the actions of the Government and Judiciary Power are utterly “illegal and unconstitutional”, even under civil “democratic” criteria.
Ridiculous pettifoggers like Voridis or the ‘left-winger’ Manitakis, lawyers, members of Government, elite executives would mumble legal counter-arguments we could annul (with great ease) within the framework of their own ideology and of their own “legal culture”, (as they like to call it).
But does it makes sense anymore to play in the opponent’s court? This was or another, their “justice” is laughable.
The rulers violate even their own laws, and we insist that these specific laws are not to be trusted. In short, we do not believe in “Greek Justice”; they can put their codices up their arse. No doubt the Greek Police protects the elites and the governmental personnel.
With everyday, growing and furious struggles in the streets and everywhere, we fight by any means for a society of equality, freedom, justice and solidarity. Until we make it they should know that while their blind Justice sees clearly what she wants with one eye (or with two), we have our eyes open even in our sleep, and are preoccupied with only one cause: the revolution.
And even if some are still sleeping, it is time they woke up, or shut up once and for all, and say clearly whether they support the conservative forces, or the movements from below.
Support the call for solidarity against the attack of the Government to the counter-information media of the movement: Athens.indymedia.org, 98FM Radio and Radio Endasi, (and to all these that will soon be attacked).
Today, Friday April 12 at 13:00 at the central square in Zografou
Access by bus:
608 from Acadimia
242 from metro station Katehaki
Published on: eagainst
Read here the call of the collectivity of Athens.indymedia.org
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